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**The Story**

Vasanth (Vijay) the hero of "Priyamudan" who believes as firm as a rock that love is something great. He meets Priya (Kowsalya) in Jaipur when he goes there with his friends to attend a music competition. He starts nourishing the romantic thoughts of marrying her. Meanwhile Priya gets involved in an accident and Vasanthkumar(Vasanth's friend) donates blood to her. Vasanthkumar doesn't know that Vasanth loves the girl who he gave blood to, Priya doesn't know the person who gave blood to her. She only knows his name (Vasanthkumar).
Priya goes to Madras to see Vasanthkumar, where Vasanth is waiting to recieve his friend's girlfriend Priya. Vasanth didn't know that Priya is the girl who he met in Jaipur. When he sees Priya, he is shocked! He was so sure that he won't sacrifice his love for anybody. So, he introduces himself as Vasanthkumar to Priya.
Vijay does some negative actions to keep the secret from Priya, that he is not Vasanthkumar. When Priya's father (Jaiganesh) comes to know that Vasanth has cheated his daughter, he tells him that he can only marry his daughter over his dead body. This added fuel to Vasanth's anger. To make his love a success Vasanth kills Priya's father. When Vasanthkumar gets to know all of Vijay's criminal deed, he asks him to sacrifice Priya to him. In a fit of anger Vasanth slaps him, unfortunately he slips from the hill and dies.
In between these, the C.B.I had selected an officer (Nasar) to investigate the death of Priya's father. Priya didn't know all these until she gets a phone call from C.B.I to her. Once she comes to know all these she tries to get away form Vasanth. Later-on she satisfies with his explanations. As police come in, Vasanth tries to escape with Priya. "Man proposes and god disposes," the police shots leads him to death.