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ICQ Respond-Online Panel
Your Online Respond Panel to Your Visitors
Use of the ICQ Respond-Online Panel is subject to the Terms and Conditions

Download and Install the ICQ Respond-Online Panel on your personal site and enable your visitors to see when you are online and communicate with you using ICQ.

  • STEP 1: Download the ICQ Respond-Online Panel:
    Download this ZIP file which contains the necessary images and a sample HTML code.
  • STEP 2: Extract the ZIP file:
    Extract the ZIP file into a temporary folder using your favorite ZIP extractor.
  • STEP 3: Edit the HTML code:
    Locate the file sample.html which is included in the ZIP file and open it in your favorite HTML editor. Change the fields reading YOUR_ICQ#_HERE to have your ICQ# (further instructions in the HTML code)
  • STEP 4: Upload the files:
    You're now ready to go. Upload the files (all GIF files and the HTML file) to your web server.
  • STEP 5: Enable your ICQ Status Indicator:
    Enable your visitors to see your ICQ status. Press the ICQ button, click the Security and Privacy option and check the WebAware checkbox.

If you have a running ICQ client you can use the following options:
  • Chat Me: Your visitor can request a chat with you.
  • ICQ-Me: Your visitor can send you messages online.
  • Add Me: Your visitor can add you to his/her contact list.
If your visitor doesn't have an ICQ client he/she can still communicate with you:
  • Page Me: Your visitor can send you an ICQ message through your Personal Communication Center.
  • The Zoom Me button enables your visitor to view your ICQ Whitepages details.
  • The EmailNotify Me button is used to send you an e-mail and notify you by ICQ. If you are online, the message will popup on your screen, if you're offline it will be stored and forwarded to you as soon as you connect to the internet.

[Important Notice of Terms and Conditions]

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