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He is an all-time favourite VJ. The guy with the cutest ever smile who keeps you in splits all the time. The guy who needs no intro at all.

Trey describes himself as an average, realistic, enthusiastic, easy and unpretentious person.

The most challenging aspect of being a VJ according to him is being alive, under the lights, no matter what.

His top five numbers are: "Bitter sweet symphony", "Magic pie" by Oasis, "Govinda" by Kula shaker, "More money more problems" by Puff Daddy, "The world's falling down" by Blur.

Trey's zodiac sign is Cancer.

According to him, for the success of a show, the most important is ideas. Boring, but true.

His other interests are writing, he does a bunch of music reviews for various magazines and newspapers (like for The Indian Express). He is also doing the script for a 45-minute film which is basically going to be a calling card till bigger companies get interested in what they are doing. It is according to him, a film with people talking smart dialogue.